Containment – Vanda Symon

Chaos reigns in the sleepy village of Aramoana on the New Zealand coast, when a series of shipping containers wash up on the beach and looting begins.

Detective Constable Sam Shephard experiences the desperation of the scavengers first-hand, and ends up in an ambulance, nursing her wounds and puzzling over an assault that left her assailant for dead.

What appears to be a clear-cut case of a cargo ship running aground soon takes a more sinister turn when a skull is found in the sand, and the body of a diver is pulled from the sea … a diver who didn’t die of drowning…

As first officer at the scene, Sam is handed the case, much to the displeasure of her superiors, and she must put together an increasingly confusing series of clues to get to the bottom of a mystery that may still have more victims…



As a huge fan of Sam Shephard and Vanda’s writing, I was thrilled to get an early copy of Containment. Overkill and The Ringmaster were unbelievable so I opened this one with high expectations…

… and it didn’t disappoint!!

The book started with a vivid description of a sleepy town and a beach in disarray and the action flew from there. The case was an interesting one and there were many parts where I thought I had it figured out, but alas not.

The story weaved it’s way through Sam’s personal life. I really enjoyed that it wasn’t all about the case. Sam is such a massive character and some of my favourite bits were when she was chatting to her friend and trying to figure out what do with her love life.

Vanda brought us an interesting cast of characters. Some were likeable, some were not and one was DI Johns. At one stage, I wanted to jump in the book and rush to her aid because of something he’d done. He is a dastardly man!!

I really wanted to savour this book, but the writing was too strong and the story too good to allow that. I raced through it. Even though it was set on the other side of the world, Vanda’s descriptions made me feel like I was there in the restaurant, or at the beach, watching the action first hand.

Bravo to Vanda Symon. And if Karen could give her a life time contract to keep Sam Shephard going, that’d be fantastic!

Buy it now!

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