Afraid Of The Light

What an amazing idea this is. Get 14 crime writers to write a short story and compile them in a beautiful anthology. And, it’s for charity!!

For my part of the blog tour, I’ve written a sentence or two about each story. Every single one of the stories were brilliant, and I really do recommend that you go buy it. It’s only 99p on Amazon.


Are you listening? – Adam Southward

This story tells the tale of modern technology and it’s risks. An interesting story with a chill!


Daddy Dearest – Dom Nolan

Not what I was expecting! A tale of prison romance between two men. Beautifully written. Dominic certainly has a way with words. Freedom is a felled tree.


Deathbed, Beth Dead – Elle Croft

An emotional story. A daughter talks to her father as he prepares for a life saving operation. Just as he drifts towards sleep, he utters a life altering sentence… I couldn’t read this one fast enough!


Loveable Alan Atcliffe – S R Masters

So much story in such few words. I really loved this one and would love to know more about Alan. Just, wow!


Sleep Time – Phoebe Morgan

Terrifying! It builds, and builds, and hints at something awful before that last line blows it all open! A fantastic story.


Coming Home – NJ Mackay

A story that, at the start, I was unsure of it’s path. But, it turned out to be a story tinged with sadness whilst exploring pertinent themes such as PTSD. Beautiful!


Sausage Fingers – Victoria Selman

As funny as the title suggests, though in a very dark way. Hard to say too much without giving anything away. But a fantastically warped tale.


Just A Game – Rachel Blok

A camping trip gone right. Then wrong. Then wronger. A spiralling tale of deception, cover ups, betrayal and lust. A lot of fun!


Drowning In Debt – Heather Critchlow

Loved this! The characters were so vivid and the tension was there from the start. The way the jungle was described made you feel like you were there. I want to know the aftermath of the ending!


To Evil or not To Evil – Jo Furniss

The most ‘out there’ story of the lot! A brilliant tale about the wonders of technology. Hard to put into words what it is about without spoiling it, but a contender for my favourite story of the bunch. And that’s saying something!


Sheep’s Clothing – Robert Scragg

I really enjoyed this dark tale of revenge. And what an apt title. Robert’s writing really sings and he achieves so much storytelling in such a short passage.


Frantic – Clare Empson

Frantic is the word! The slow uncoiling of tension of this story was electrifying. Clare managed to capture the fear of a life changing lie being uncovered with such accuracy that my palms were sweating by the end!


Planting Nan – James Delargy

A hilarious story told from the point of view of a small child, Christopher Boone style! There are some cracking lines in this one, as suppressed truths threaten to spill out…


Shadow – Kate Simants

A very dark tale to finish off. A story of friendship, control and revenge with a fantastic twist!


That’s your lot. What a fantastic idea for an anthology and the fact that all the proceeds go to Samaritans make it a no brained got you to go a grab a copy! Well done to all involved. Shall we make it a yearly thing…?